Looking for Help with an Italian Song that Starts with, “Venite va ragazzi Domani vado via”

Brian Romano wrote asking for help with an Italian song his grandma sung:

Ciao Lisa,

I have a song that needs to find its roots.

When I was a little boy, my maternal grandma and her sisters taught all their grandchildren this simple ballad:

(My apologies if I’ve gotten pieces misspelled)

Venite va ragazzi
Domani vado via
E vinci la Turchia
E Dopo ritornero

I woke up with the song in my head this week, and would genuinely like to know more. After days of searching the web, I found your website Mama Lisa’s World.

My grandma’s father (from Lucca Italy) would have migrated to the US around 1909 and eventually settle in upstate NY. I would love to know if the source is from Lucca or if it’s part of a bigger story/piece. The straight translation doesn’t make much sense to me, especially the Turchia piece.

Perhaps you might have some insight into the roots of this ballad. I hope you can help.

With much hope and respect.
Brian Romano

If anyone can help Brian with the words to the song and/or any other info, please comment below. Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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