Does Anyone Know of a Spanish Song with the Lyrics “Sacar una muela” (Pull out a Tooth)?

Arlene Petrosi wrote asking about a Spanish song from school…

In elementary school music class in New York state (late 1960’s) we learned the lyrics to Senor Don Gato, but there was another song in Spanish about having a tooth removed/or a toothache. The phrase “sacar una muela” was definitely in this tune, but the extended lyrics escape me. I believe the doctor was coming and the child was crying to mother not to have this done. It may have started with the word “Doctor”. I know I am not giving you much to work with. But the tune pops up for me (humming…) and I would love to share the song. Thank you for your time – Arlene

If anyone can help with this song please comment below. Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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