Can Anyone Help with the Lyrics to an Italian Lullaby?

Susanne Grimm wrote asking for help with an Italian song from her childhood. Here’s her note:

I was googling to find the words to a lullaby my mother used to sing to us. I want to sing it to my grandchildren but I want to get the words correct.

It starts with- Nina nonna baby

Here it is phonetically:

Nini Nonna baby
Au da viene papa
E ti porta candy
Nini Nonna baby

I found a Youtube with a grandmother singing it but I can’t understand the correct wording. (Video below)

Can you help?

Thank you
Susanne Misuraca Grim

YouTube Video:

Can anyone help with the words to this song? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Lyrics to an Italian Lullaby?”

  1. Erika Says:

    This isn’t Italian language standard but actually a southern Italian dialect. My first clue was that this grandmother seems to have immigrated to the US and her American accent makes me think that her parents were actually the ones who came over from Italy. I don’t speak or understand southern dialects but I can recognize them. Look towards Naples or Sicily. Hope this helps!

  2. Susanne Grim Says:

    Thank you! I think it’s Sicilian


  3. Stephanie Says:

    lyrics here:

  4. Patricia Says:

    As already mentioned, this is more American than Italian (or, rather, Sicilian), with the grandmother probably having vague memories and mixing up words.
    What, as an Italian, I am sure of, is that the first few words are not “Nina nonna”, which would be the name (Nina) of a grandmother (nonna), but Ninna nanna, which means lullalby, and is the way many Italian lullabies start. “Nanna” is, in baby talk, sleep.
    I hope this helps.

  5. Denise Says:

    m- scicilian mo-her used -o sing; nina nanna fa sonnino, dormi, dormi, mia pichina, la nina nanna -i volghio can-ar’ perche mia xxxx a dormire deve andar’

    canno wrie cerain leers m compuer is broken. he – show where leers missing xxx represens babi name.

  6. JoeM Says:

    This is a Sicilian Lullaby sung by Enzo Stuarti.
    It goes:

    Ninna Nanna, cuore di Mamma
    Varmi duomi u Pappa!

    Repeated over & over in a soft sing-song voice.

  7. Marisa Gosselin Says:

    My mom always sang this song to her children and grandchildren. And I have sung this to my grandchildren and my daughter sings it now to her children.
    My mom is the Province of Caserta which is about an hour away from Naples.

    This is what I remember, how my mom sang it.

    Ninna Nonna Bebe. Quando vena papà. E ti porta na cosa. Ninna Nonna Bebe.

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