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"Fallera", stressed as it is here on the last syllable, is a nonsense word like "hum-te-dum" and "la la la".

¹ "män'skor", a contraction of "människor", is essentially the same word as German "Mensch": person, human being, but without the somewhat stilted feel those phrases have in English.

"VI GÅ ÖVER DAGGSTÄNKTA BERG" is an somewhat old-fashioned song both in terms of theme (which is somewhat loftier than usual in Swedish children's songs) and language (which still uses verb plurals, which is something that disappeared from spoken Swedish sometime in the 1910's and 20's, and from the written language around the 30's). The effect today is perhaps similar to Shakespearean use of English, thees-and-thous, although it was fairly normal use of language in the days the song was written.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Vi Gå Över Daggstänkta Berg

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I am very grateful to Leif Stensson of Project Runeberg for contributing and translating this song and also for providing such interesting commentary.

Project Runeberg is an open, voluntary project whose purpose is to make classic Nordic literature and art available in electronic form to the public, free of charge.

Many thanks to Bob Barker for his excellent proofing abilities! Thanks to Monique for the score and midi.

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