Game Instructions

1. Circle your finger on the baby's palm, like you're stirring the batter.
2. Using the pointer finger gently poke the baby's hand, like you're patting down the dough.
3. Make a smoothing motion with your hand over the baby's hand, like you're rolling out the dough.
4. Gently smack the baby's palm as if you're baking the dough in the oven.


Another version shared by Annemarie Vicsek :

"I do it on the palm or on the back of the child:

- Kerekeset [ke-re-ke-shet] –Round and round (circling)
- Böködőset [bo-ko-dew-shet] -Nudging (poking with finger)
- Simizőset [shee-mee-zew-shet] -Stroking (petting with palm)
- Csíkosat [chee-ko-shut] -Stroking (drawing stripes, i.e. parallel lines)
- Pacskolósat [putch-ko-lo-shut] -Patting
- Cuppanósat! [tsoo-pun-oh-shut] (cupp is the sound we make in Hungarian for kiss, like smootch, so after we say cuppanósat!) -Smacker/Smootch We give a kiss on palm or back, wherever we played the game.

These lines can be said in whatever order, and others can be added if you're creative like csipkedőset [chip-ke-dew-shet]. It is one of my faves to play with babies."

You can hear the rhyme and watch an animation here.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Szarka Peter for the translations. Thanks to Christine Renner for explaining how to play it. Thanks to Annemarie Vicsek for sharing her version!

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