Can Any Help with a German or Hungarian Tickling Rhyme?

Becky Haegele wrote to us on the Mama Lisa Facebook Group asking for help with a tickling rhyme her grandmother would play and recite to her. Here’s her question:

Grandmother had a baby rhyme supposedly about cream and a mouse. She would circle her finger in the palm of baby’s hand saying something sounding like, “kreme kreme mauseline.” (We all remember that slightly differently and I am just sounding it out. “Kriebe, Kriebe” ) Say something for each finger then tickle up the arm. No one can remember and she has passed. I found the rhyme in Czech but it sounds different. I was hoping someone might recognize it. She spoke German and Hungarian so it could be either language. Thanks!

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Any Help with a German or Hungarian Tickling Rhyme?”

  1. Dominic Phillips Says:

    sounds like German

  2. Barbara Simon Says:

    My mother in law did the mousie baby game. Tickle palm, up arm then tickle armpit. This is phonetically written.

    Come ein mousie…? housie
    Vo ver vessen
    In baby’s (name) kitziekatsen

    Oma, born Vienna 1927, passed away.

    Basically here comes mousie out of his housie
    Where is going? In baby’s Armpit…tickle pit?

    In this case Oma was Jewish, from Vienna. Spoke German, English and Yiddish. Will check with family and friends who have an Oma still living.

    I came here for separate poem/song. Memory is muddled this was circa 1953 or so. My mother sang Bryan O’Lynn and sang “Brian o’lynn and his wife’s mother they all went over the bridge together. The bridge fell out and Brian fell in…” bad cess to the maker quoth Brian O’Lynn. Or he said that about the pants with Hairy/woolly side. Sweet memory.

  3. Barbara Simon Says:

    And from another German speaker (Facebook saves the day).

    …With lots of eye contact and fingers making a crawling motion up baby’s arm, we used to say …Geht eine Maus die Trepp hinauf, bleibt ein bisschen hocken (stop at elbow), geht ein Stueckchen weiter rauf (crawl with fingers to baby’s ear lobe), kommt es an die Glocken….Kilingelingeling, (gently pull baby’s lobe), Wer ist Da??? …Say Baby’s name happily and hug baby. Most babies will want to do it again and again….

  4. Dorie Uhler Says:

    This is different, but thought it might jar someone’s memory. My grandmother and her mother were from Germany. When we were little she used to do’ a circling around in the air with index finger over the baby’s belly. She would say in English Bora, Bora, Bora, a big brown bear – went around the world – I don’t know where. Thought he’d make a hole don’t know where, Bora, Bora, Bora a Big Brown Bear . Thought he’d make it there. (As she was doing this the finger got closer and closer to the belly button. As she finished it she would come down to the belly button and act like she was drilling a hole.
    I don’t know if she originally did this in German or not. But, I do remember my mother doing it to my baby sister.

  5. T Baucells Says:

    This sounds like it must be the German version of
    “Round and round the garden,
    like a teddy bear.
    1 step,
    2 steps
    And a TICKLE under there!”

  6. Lisa Says:

    Here’s a YouTube of Round and Round the Garden in German. Can anyone provide the German lyrics please?

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