Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Song about a Little Bird Eating Crumbs?

Mike wrote asking about a Hungarian song.  Here’s his email:

My Hungarian mother would sing a song to us as children ….

The first line of the song started “PeePee Madar …”

I know the first line is pronounced:

Peepee Madar; (wee bird) … ‘jetta ega’ ‘hosa’, ‘volta moldra’ ‘kesh kasemba’ ‘hosa’, …. , ‘aba kolba, aba kolba’ …

It’s about a little bird eating crumbs …

Do you know the rest of the lyrics in Hungarian & can you translate them into English for me?

Thank you so much for help!  Miha’ly (Mike)

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Hungarian Song about a Little Bird Eating Crumbs?”

  1. Kim Hall Says:

    My Dad’s family was Bohemian. I never knew them and he has passed away but he used to sing this song to me…Hopey. Hopey. Tatta matta cropey.
    Does a gone know of this rhyme? He told me once that the last part of it meant. daddy loves baby. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  2. Pat Says:

    If I am right I found your song:

    „Pipi madár! Repülj ide hozzám,
    Van számodra kötényemben morzsám.
    S ha jól laktál a morzsával szólj ám,
    S a bokorból, hűs bokorból
    Dalold el nótám !
    Pipi madár, pi-pi-pi
    Alszik már a kis Bibi ! ”
    Here is the site where I found it:
    It is a part of a short story from Vathy B. István.

    Here is a rough translation:
    Peepee bird, fly here to me,
    I have crumbs for you in my apron,
    And if you are full with crumbs, tell me.
    And from the bushes, cool bushes,
    Sing my song for me.
    Peepee bird, pee-pee-pee,
    Little Bibi is sleeping already.

    Hope it helped.

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