Frate Ioane (Brother Ioane) seems to be the best known version of Frère Jacques in Romania. Here are some other, less-known Romanian versions...


*"Clopoțele" translates literally to "little bell".


Frate Iacob, (Brother Jacob)
Frate Iacob,
De ce dormi? (Why are you sleeping?)
De ce dormi?
Clopoțele sună! (The little bell is ringing)
Clopoțele sună!
Din, dan, don!
Din, dan, don!

Another Version

Moș Martine, (Old Martin)
Moș Martine,
Nu dormi, (Don't sleep)
Nu dormi.
Clopoțelul sună, (The little bell is ringing)
Clopoțelul sună,
Bim bam bum,
bim bam bum.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translations by Monique.