This song is originally from Western France.

Game Instructions

The dancers walk in a circle.

1st Verse: The leader sings the first line and the group answers.

2nd Verse: On the 1st line, the leader sends the person at her right to the center of the circle. The group responds. On the last 2 lines, the person in the center kisses (or bows to) whoever they like and goes to the left of the leader.

The song starts again and the leader sends the new person at her right to the center of the circle during the 2nd verse. The game goes on like this until all have gone to the center and kissed (or bowed to) whoever they liked.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Dans ma main droite je tiens rosier

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song can be found in " Le Foyer canadien", Volumes 1-2 (1863) and "Chansons populaires du Canada" (1865) by Ernest Gagnon.

Translated by Monique.