Handwashing Song with Recording


Lowell Herbert sent us this wonderful handwashing song from London! Here are the lyrics and recording followed by his letter…

Recording of Handwashing Song

Handwashing Song Lyrics

Germs are small yes they’re very, very small
And in fact they can’t be seen at all.
But beware! They are there!
So wash your hands, scrub-a-dub,
Scrub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub.
And if you want to cough or sneeze,
Try to do it in your sleeve
Or a tissue…………then the bin……….
Find a bin and put it in!

Here’s Lowell’s letter:

I am sending this song from our Montessori nursery in London, England and we hope you will enjoy it.

Obviously I wrote it because of the Coronavirus and the children love singing it. There are 46 children and they range in age from 2 to 4 and-a-half.

Have fun and stay safe,

Lowell Herbert

Thanks so much for sharing Lowell! I love it! Stay well! -Mama Lisa

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