Does Anyone Know Any Games Like “X Marks the Spot”?

Anthony Hodgetts wrote looking for info about a hand game…

Hi Mama Lisa,

Here is a game, not sure where it came from.

You give your hand to someone & they lay it across their lap and have you squeeze their finger as hard as you can for a full minute. Then slide their finger out of your grasp and stroke as lightly as they can from the base of your palm to halfway up your wrist for a full minute. Then they have you reopen your hand as slowly as you can and it tingles. When was this game originated and who originated it? I remember it from the mid 80’s, as I was 11 when a girl did it to me.

Are there other cool games that make the other person feel interesting feelings that have a story behind them other than the crack an egg on your head game?


Anthony Hodgetts


If anyone knows any games like this, please share it in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Jim Latimer Says:

    I have a photograph of kids playing this game, Mama Lisa & Co–or one nearly like it. Will send as a jpg if there is an email address. Your translation of Kaneko Misuzu is wonderful. Do you say who made the art? Did I miss it? Best from Jim

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