This game has variations and is played through all the Spanish speaking world…

Game Instructions

The children walk in a circle singing the song. A child previously chosen to be the wolf stands or walks. Every time the group asks, "¿Lobo, estás?" (Wolf, are you there?), the wolf responds "Me estoy poniendo…" (I'm putting on [some clothing]). They sing that again and again till the "wolf" is fully dressed and responds, "I'm coming out to eat you all up!" Before that the "wolf" can "put on" as many clothes as he wishes. Then the children run away from the "wolf" who tries to tag one of them. The first child he tags becomes the new wolf.

The children can also walk and skip around without forming a circle. The wolf can also do many things before getting dressed such as lying down and resting, getting up, washing himself, brushing his teeth, etc.

In the video below, the girls sing:

Juguemos en el bosque a ver si el lobo no está. Lobo, ¿estás?
(Let's play in the woods to see if the wolf is not there. Wolf, are you there?)

The "wolf": Me estoy poniendo los pantalones.
(I'm putting on my pants.)

Juguemos en el bosque….
The "wolf": Me estoy poniendo los zapatitos [?]
(I'm putting on my little shoes [?].)

Juguemos en el bosque…
The "wolf": Ya estoy casi listo.
(I'm almost ready.)

Juguemos en el bosque…
The "wolf":¡Sí!
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique and Lisa.