Online Spanish Songs – Recordings and Spanish Lyrics

I just found a treasure trove of online recordings of Spanish kids songs and the Spanish lyrics in PDF form in an online book called CANTAR, TOCAR Y JUGAR – Juegos musicales para niños (Sing and Play – Musical Games for Children) by Pilar Posada Saldarriaga.


Mama Lisa

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12 Responses to “Online Spanish Songs – Recordings and Spanish Lyrics”

  1. Hani Says:

    do you now wer i can fownd song ( give me tha man )

  2. Olga Cordero Kilmer Says:

    Does anyone know the words to a Cuban Children’s, that is called Cata Pun Chin Chin…that goes something this….de mi patio…

  3. gamefreak Says:

    Blog agradable, finalmente encontr que el Info que buscaba.

  4. Karl Williams Says:

    Apologies for this – but I don’t know the answer for the above – but I wondered if any one could help with the following :

    Just come back from a holiday in Spain where the hotel mini disco had a Spanish song which our children loved …. it had the following phrases in the song …forgive my spellling…

    ‘chichua chichua chichua-ua-ua-ua, chichiua chichua chichua…… compania !!’ etc etc

    would love to be able tidentify this song


    Karl Wales, UK

  5. Monique Says:

    Karl, the answer to your question is on Mama Lisa’s Blog

  6. lu Says:

    Interested in finding a musical score for an Epiphany (Caledonian) song
    entitled the three kings dia del los rios ????

  7. Lisa Says:

    Sure! We’d be interested in that. We always like to learn new songs… or do you mean you’re looking for the score?

    Mama Lisa

  8. Darren Says:

    This is the song Karl is refering to…

  9. Gunay Says:

    please, please, help me to find this song: i heard it in hotel “Limak Arcadia” in Turkey at mini disco. it was 2009. but i think that was not a real mini disco song or that song is new. the lyrics that i remember are “bailando bamba eh bailando bamba o”, “bamba que cha cha o”, “it feels like paradise”. this song wasn’t so fast, but a dancing song. please, if someone knows, help me. i loved this song very much, but can’t find anywhere(( thanks

  10. Risa Says:

    I followed the link for CANTAR, TOCAR Y JUGAR but I couldn’t find where to listen to the recordings of the songs. Can anyone help?

  11. Lisa Says:

    The recording seems to be gone now.

  12. Angi Says:

    The recording is still there. There are many others too.

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