"One the girls used to sing when skipping in the 70's was..." -Paul


David Howard wrote:

"Here is the Jewish version...

Tararaboomdeay I went to shul today
We heard the rabbi say tararaboomdeay.

This was going around north London in the 60's."

Adam O'Neale wrote: "In regards to your page on the old ta ra ra boom de ay shtick, my Grandpa used to sing:

Ta ra ra boom de ay
I lost my hat today
A bomb blew it away
Now it's in Germanay

As he was a war child growing up in Manchester, I imagine this did the rounds in the 1940s.

Thanks and regards, Adam"


Several versions of this chant exist. Please email us yours! -Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Paul for sharing this rhyme with us! Thanks to Adam for sharing his grandfather's version.