This is an Indonesian version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to choose who goes first in a game.

Game Instructions

This is played with two people, They start facing each other and put out their fists. Then together they count to three (satu, dua, tiga) and make one of the signs below at the same time...

1. Semut/Ant: Put out the pinkie finger.
2. Orang/Person: Put out the pointer finger.
3. Gajah/Elephant: Put out the thumb, pointing it towards your opponent.

If you make the same sign just do it over again. Otherwise...

-The semut (ant) beats the gajah (elephant) because the ant can crawl in the elephant's ear and drive it crazy.
-The orang (person) beats the semut (ant) because the person can stomp on the ant.
-The gajah (elephant) beats the orang (person) because the elephant can trample the person.