Indonesian Holiday Cookies

Lin wrote to me from Indonesia about cookies that are eaten there for the holidays. Happily she included links to recipes in case anyone would like to try to make any of them. Some have fun names like Cat’s Tongue and Elephant Ears! I plan on trying to make a couple and will post the recipes here as soon as I do. Here’s Lin’s email…

Hi Lisa,

These are the cookies we love to share and enjoy during the holidays of Lebaran (Eid al-Fitr) and Natal (Christmas).

1. NASTARPineapple Jam-Filled Cookies


Made from a flour and butter mixture and filled with chunky pineapple jam. An egg yolk and milk mixture is then glazed over it before it’s baked. Usually, Nastar comes in a dome or leaf shape. Nowadays many modifications have been made, such as Cheese Nastar, Chocolate Nastar, and many more…

Recipe for Nastar Cookies

2. KASTENGELS – Cheese Cookies


Kastengels is a kind of cookie that has a rich cheese flavor and aroma. The flavor comes from Edam cheese that is also the main ingredient of this cookie. It is then topped with shredded cheddar cheese. This is definitely a favorite cookie for cheese lovers!

1st Recipe for Kastengels

2nd Recipe for Kastengels

3. PUTRI SALJU – Snow White Cookies


It’s translated as Snow White for the white powdered sugar coating it. Usually, Putri Salju is molded in a crescent-shape. The non-sugar crust combines perfectly with the confectionery sugar that coats it.

Recipe for Putri Salju

4. SAGU KEJU – Sago Cheese Cookies

Melt in your mouth … yumm…

Recipe for Sagu Keju

5. LIDAH KUCING – Cat’s Tongue Cookies

This thin, crispy cookie is made from egg whites and flour. Since it’s shaped like a tongue, people named it Lidah Kucing (literally translated it’s cat’s tongue). This cookie has a soft milk aroma and a sweet, salty flavor.

Recipe for Lidah Kucing

6. KUPING GAJAH – Elephant’s Ear Cookies

Not too sweet, very thin and crispy, almost like crackers, yet they are cookies.

Recipe for Kuping Gajah

7. SPEKULAS – Spice Cookies

Similar to ginger cookies.

Recipe for Spekulas

8. SEMPRIT – Custard Cookies

The crust has similar ingredients to other cookies such as Putri Salju or Nastar, but the shape is different. Instead of using cookie cutters, this cookie is molded by using a pastry bag. Strawberry jam or chocolate chips are added on top of Kue Semprit as garnish.

Recipe for Semprit

9. SEREAL – Cornflake Cookies

Recently a very popular cookie! They are also modified in many flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate etc.

Recipe for Sereal

10. KURMA – Date Cookies

Also popular recently, especially during Iedl Fitr, since the main flavor used is dried kurma (date) fruits.

Recipe for Kurma

Lisa, with all these kind of cookies, one jar each is never enough :D

My favorites are Kastengels and Sagu Keju (Sago Cheese), and oh … Katetong (Cat’s Tongue) too. My mom’s favorite’s Nastar (Pineapple Filled). Hope you can easily find the ingredients there. Happy hunting!


Many thanks for sharing info about holiday cookies in Indonesia Lin! Happy Holidays!  :) Mama Lisa 


Other References:

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Nastar, cc. – By Taman Renyah – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Kastengels By Sakurai Midori – Own work, CC BY 3.0

Putri Salju, cc. – Sakurai Midori – Own work, CC BY 3.0

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