Spoof Version of Frère Jacques from France



Did you know there’s a spoof version of Frère Jacques in France? It’s a good song for when you’re trying to teach (or learn) the names of fruits and vegetables in French. It’s also helpful for pronunciation.

Below are the lyrics with an English translation and an MP3 recording. I tried to keep the translation playful.

MP3 Recording of Frère Jacques, dans les tomates

Frère Jacques, dans les tomates

Frère Jacques, dans les tomates,
Dormez-vous dans les choux,
Sonnez les matines dans les aubergines,
Ding ding dong dans les melons.

 English Translation:

Brother Jake in the tomato plot,
Are you sleeping in the cabbage bed?
Ring the morning bells in the eggplant lot
Ding, dang, dong in the melon patch.

Recording by Monique Palomares.


-Mama Lisa

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