"Rock, Paper, Scissors" is a very old game that's played around the world to choose something like who goes first in a game. It's also called Roshambo or Rochambeau. The earliest version of the game is from China. Instead of Rock, Paper and Scissors, the game was Frog, Slug and Snake, each represented by a different finger. The game in its current form comes from Japan and is called Jenken. Marco Polo brought the game back from the east, introducing it to the west.

Here are some versions of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" from around the world, followed by the rules of the game...

Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to Play:

Two players each hide one hand behind their backs. Then they say the line together at the same time, "Rock, Paper, Scissors and Shoot!". On "shoot" they put their hands out at exactly the same time in one of the three signs, "Rock", "Paper" or "Scissors".

Here's how to make each sign:

-Rock: Make a fist.
-Paper: Put out a flat hand horizontal to the ground.
-Scissors: Put out the index and middle finger imitating scissors.

Here's how you determine who won the round depending upon which symbol each kid put out:

- Rock beats Scissors (imagine a rock breaking the scissors).
- Scissors beats Paper (imagine the scissors cutting the paper).
- Paper beats Rock (imagine a piece of paper covering a rock).

If both kids chose the same symbol, they have to replay the round.

Whoever wins the round is the winner of the game. Sometimes kids will decide that the winner is whoever wins 2 out of 3 rounds.

There's a new version that's played around the world by teenagers. In some countries, when it's played by a girl and boy, the boy is slapped if he loses, but the girl is kissed if she loses. This version is played as a game in and of itself, not to choose something.

Nowadays there are tournaments of the game. Check out the World Rock, Paper Scissors Association to learn more!

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