Happy Ramadan


“Fast when you see the new moon and break your fast when you see the new moon…”

The quote above is from the Quran, the Muslim holy book, and it refers to Ramadan. During Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for a whole month. This year, Ramadan starts on the night of Monday, April 12th.

Ramadan is the anniversary of when the Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of what would become the Quran from the angel Gabriel.

Our correspondent Lin from Indonesia wrote:

“During Ramadan month, we don’t eat, drink, smoke, etc. We also don’t do anything bad, instead we need to worship and be good to God and other people (not just to other Muslims), as many as possible. We introspect during that month. We recharge ourselves every year so we hope that then we’ll be a better and better person.”

Ramadan will end on the evening of Wednesday, May 12 when the festival of Eid’l Fitr will be celebrated.

You can read more about Ramadan here.

Here you can learn a Ramadan Children’s Song from Egypt.

Happy Ramadan!

Mama Lisa

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