This game was mentioned in print in Danish for the 1st time in 1730's. It's a Danish version of the London Bridge game.


According to this site (in Danish), this game was originally about choosing between heaven and hell. Another site claims the tug of war game at the end symbolized life and death. In the old days, the two sides were the sun and moon, the moon symbolizing the underworld. According to Wikipedia (Norwegian version), the "bridge" spans the river that separates the land of the living from the dead.

Game Instructions

Two children hold hands and put their arms up in the air forming a "bridge". Each of those two kids is a side - in the old days it was the moon side and the sun side. The other kids go under the "bridge" in single file while singing this song. At the end of the song, the two kids forming the bridge put down their arms, capturing the child underneath in the "black pot". That child has to choose one side to go behind. They keep doing this until all of the kids have chosen a side. At the end, both sides play a game of tug of war to decide which side wins. The tug of war can be played either with a rope or they can go behind the kids forming the bridge and pull the kids.


This is also played in Norway where it's also called "Bro, bro brille". It's played in Sweden under the name of "Bro, bro breja" and in Iceland as "Brúarleikur".

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Bro, bro, brille