Is Anyone Familiar with a Song that Starts with “Socksey cleat und slipper mum”?

David wrote to us asking for help with a song from the island of Fyn in Denmark…

I need help with this song. It is found in an oral history from my ancestor on the island of Funen (Fyn in Danish) in Denmark; Odense is the capital.

Here’s the phonetic version of the song:

Socksey cleat und slipper mum
Snurr, um, bum, bum.
Dare keer tow un ker slipper mum
Snur, um, bum, bum.

Hi poo un ka un yaeger naw
Snurr, um, bum, bum.

I have already contacted several Danish music experts and everyone says the song is not Danish. A good friend suggests it might be in the Frisian language! Does anyone know this, and could provide an English translation and even better a tune? Thanks.

David Anderegg

We asked someone who speaks Frisian and they wrote, “Honestly, it does not look like Frisian, at least certainly not West Frisian. Not sure what it could be.”

If anyone can help with this song in any way, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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