Does Anyone Know the Song, “A Silly Goose on Apple Juice”?

Kit wrote to us looking for help with a song her mom remembers…

Mom is 88. She knows part of an old song. No matter how hard we look, we can’t find it.

“A silly goose, on apple juice, refreshed herself one day,
And then among her friends so young, she wandered on her way…”

Mom can’t recall the rest, can you help?

Kit Goodwin

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Song, “A Silly Goose on Apple Juice”?”

  1. CHLOE Says:

    The rhyming word is WAY!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Sorry, my mother sang it to me in my preschool years and I remember the same amount your mom does. I’m 74.

  3. Breezy Says:

    Psychapoo – Dennis Lee

    The silly goose,
    Brushed his teeth
    With apple juice.
    The melon-head,
    Rode his bicycle
    In bed.
    His mother said,
    “Sit down and eat!”
    He swallowed the plate
    And left the meat.
    His father asked him,
    “Can’t you hear?”
    He had a carrot
    In his ear.
    He met a dog
    And shook its tail,
    Took a bath
    And caught a whale,
    Put it in his
    Piggy bank,
    Said, “I think I’ll
    Call it Frank.”
    His brother asked him,
    “Can’t you see?”
    He drank his hair
    And combed his tea.
    He took a trip
    To Newfoundland,
    Walking on water
    And swimming on land
    And every time
    He heard a shout,
    He took his pencil
    And rubbed it out.
    It isn’t me,
    It isn’t you,
    It’s nutty, mutty

  4. Lisa Says:

    This poem can be found in Dennis Lee’s book called Alligator Pie along with more of his poems.

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