"A get well song my mum and grandma used to sing to me as a little girl. The lyrics are a bit nonsensical, but it's a children's song, so hey! It's a bit like a magic spell/blessing." - Stardustfreckle (YouTube)


This song can be found in print as early as 1894. A later version called "Heile, heile Gänsje" was written as a Carnival song in 1929 by Martin Mundo.


This isn't standard German, it must be Hessian. It seems to have originated in the area where it was later used as a chorus, i.e. Mainz near Frankfurt am Main. In standard German, "widder" is "wieder", there's no "e" as an article, "Kätzjen" is "Kätzchen" –there's no "–je" diminutive form, and 100 is "hundert" not "hunnerd".

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