According to, "The origin of knock down ginger came from council estates because all the doors were stained a ginger colour, hence knock down ginger. "


Heidi wrote: "As regards the Knock Down Ginger game, we know it here in Kent as 'Knock Up Ginger'. We also played 'Doorknockers' where you tied string or cotton to someone's door knocker then hid round the corner and pulled it. I read that in narrow streets kids would link doorknockers together so as one door was opened it would knock the door across the street. We tried that, with no success! Then of course there was 'Pom Pom', a variation of Hide and Seek. If you were the seeker and saw someone hiding you ran to the 'Pom Pom' tree (lamppost, etc.) to touch it and call 'Pom Pom Heidi 1, 2, 3. I see you behind the car' or whatever. But if you beat the caller to the Pom Pom tree then you won and were not out. Hmmmm, must try that at our next reunion!"

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Thanks to Heidi for sharing info about the games she played!