We have a finger naming rhyme in Dutch of which there are many versions.

"One would start with the thumb, then the index finger and so on. The names reflect the names/description/function of the fingers and as you know not everything looks great when translated word for word without being put in certain context, but I'll try to explain..." -Francisca

Naar bed, naar bed, zei Duimelot - Dutch Children's Songs - The Netherlands - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image


Notes on each line of text from Francisca:

1. The name "Duimelot" is derived from the Dutch word for thumb: DUIM.

2. I'm thinking that the name Likkepot stems from many children using their index finger when say... stealing some peanut butter straight from the jar or something and then licking it off.

3. Re. Langejan - Jan is a very common name in Dutch (mostly used for men and boys, although occasionally it may be a girl's/woman's name) and the word "lange" in this context translates into "tall" referring to the middle finger being the longest/tallest - Lange Jan - Jan who is tall.

4. Re. Ringeling - The Dutch word for one's ring finger is ringvinger so that simply reflects its function.

5. "Little thing" simply refers to the size of the pinky finger.



Many thanks to F.S. for sharing this rhyme with us with the illustration, translation and mp3 recording!