"I live in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. When my mom was a little girl she used to sing this song..." -Ruby


Catie from Ontario, Canada wrote:

"My grandmother used to bounce my brother and I (one at a time) on her knees while singing a version of this song 😊 she would pat us on our bellies and on our bums at the end, and would we would laugh hysterically!

'Oh there was a little man
Who had a little gun
Over the mountain he did run
With a belly full of fat
And a stovepipe hat
And a pancake tied to his bum bum bum.'

Can't wait to sing it to my children someday!"

Lacy wrote:

"My grandma used to sing this one to me (in Canada), and her dad told it to her (from England), but she sang it:

There was a little man
who had a little gun
and over the fields
he'd run run run
with a high beaver hat
and a belly full of fat
and a pancake tied
to his bum bum bum."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ruby for sharing this song with us! Thanks to Catie for sharing her version.