"My grandmother sang this song to all of us. She was born in Alsace-Lorraine, but was Swiss and grew up in Basel." -Sandy


You can hear the first verse of this song sung here.

There are many versions with different spellings, here is one:

Nina, Buschi, schlof
Uf der Matte weide d Schof
In der Schiire d Lämmeli
Schlof, mi lieb klai Ängeli.

Nina, Buschi, schlof
Gib der denn e goldigs Schof
Gib der denn e Lämmeli
Bhüet is Gott s klai Ängeli.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Nina, Buschi, schlof

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Sandy for pointing this song to us! Thanks to Christina Weising for helping with the French translation. English translation: Monique & Lisa.

Dank schön!