Notes: Crow, sparrow etc, are birds that can be commonly spotted in south india. "Mai" (Kajal in Hindi) is a thick black ointment which is used as an eye liner, a coolant, and protector against the evil eye. Flowers often adorn babies' and women's hair. This beautiful song calls for each bird to bring something for the baby. The idea is to introduce birds and commonly used items to the baby through a song.

Here's an alternate version by Sesha:

Caakka kannukku mai kondu vaa
Crow bring eye liner for the eyes

Kuruvi kondaikku poo kondu vaa
Bring flowers for my hair knot

Kokkae kuzhandhaikku paal kondu vaa
Stork bring milk for the child.

Kizhiyae kuzhandhaikku thaen kondu vaa
Parrot bring honey for the child.

One more translation by Gnana:

This is sung by the mother when she tries to feed her baby.

Kaakka Kannukku mai Kondu vaa - Crow bring the eye brow paste to my baby's eye.
KuruviĀ  Kondaikku poo Kondu vaa - Bird bring flower for hair.
Kokkae Kuzhndhaikku paal Kondu vaa - Chicken bring milk for baby.
KIzhiyae Kuzhanhaikku thaen Kondu vaa - Parrot bring honey for baby.

I sang this song for my girls when they were babies. It is a very bonding rhyme.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Susheema for sending this song. Thanks also to Vidya Elangovan for providing the English translation and the interesting notes! Thanks to Sesha Ratnam.J for the 2nd translation. Thanks to Gnana for the 3rd translation.

Rumba nandri!