"Morsgrisar är vi allihopa" is a classic song to sing while dancing around the tree on Christmas Eve or around the maypole for Midsummer celebrations.

"This song is used at any feast, all year around." -Gustav

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"'Morsgris' is a word used for mildly teasing an older child or adult, who is showing
more than normal dependency on his/her mother.

The song is suggesting that we all may be longing to go back to this comfortable state of childhood, when mom was fixing everything for us. On the other hand it's a joke - or is it (?).

'Mä' is dialect for 'med' - here with the very special meaning of 'also' or 'too'." -Gustav Bergström


Note: "Gris/Grisar" in the plural form literally means "pigs".


Other verses:

Farsgrisar = Daddy's kids
Gottgrisar = candy pigs (meaning candy freak)
Smutsgrisar = grubs (full of dirt, like pigs)

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Morsgrisar är vi allihopa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gustav Bergström for the English translation and commentary.

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