"This song is a Children's song in Dutch called 'Roodborstje tikt tegen het raam', literally it means 'Little Red Robin Taps on The Window'. It's a short song that's very popular and it tells the story of a little red robin tapping on the window and asking to be let in the house - because he finds it waaay to cold outside! :-) Then, the little girl in the song answers the door and feeds him little granules of sugar and breadcrumbs. This makes the little red robin very happy and he flies back into the woods." -Francisca


Note from Francisca: "I wrote 'bleak' because 'guur' is another form of expressing that it's very cold outside - perhaps you know of a better word. And when translated literally, the songs speaks of the girl giving the little red robin sugar and breadcrumbs from her 'schoot' - this could be translated as her lap or her womb. You know...not everything is suitable for direct translation between many languages."



Many thanks to F.S. for singing this song for us, for translating it into English and for the commentary!

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