"In this song a child describes what gifts s/he received from Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) and I didn't translate it literally because I think this way the context of the song may perhaps be more easily perceived. "Banket" is the name of a specific Dutch pastry that is traditionally baked and enjoyed around the holiday season. It's made with almond paste that's wrapped in pastry dough. It can come in logs but also shaped into specific letters – hence the name Banket Letter – letter van banket (a letter made of banket). It may be enjoyed hot or cold, and can be frozen as well." -Francisca

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*A letter shaped pastry made with almond paste.



Many thanks to F.S. for contributing this song with the recording and translation!

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Image: The Feast of St. Nicholas, Jan Steen, Netherlands, ca. 1665 – 1668.

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