- "Gubbe" and "Gumma" are words which doesn't quite well translate to English. It means different things depending on context. In this case, it generally means older man and older woman. If mentioned together it usually means an older couple.
- atschi is the old phonetic sound in Swedish used to mark a sneeze. In English I guess you would perhaps say "achi", "achu" or something similar. Today you more likely say "attjo" in Swedish
- "Usch" is only used to express and emphasize bad feelings thus, it only means "ooh" in the negative sense.
- "Snuva" is actually not exactly the cold it is more the symptoms of the cold. Having a cold would be "vara förkyld" (cold -> förkyld).
- "Hoppsansa" doesn't quite translate to English either. It would probably be a lot of different things depending on context. It usually nowadays means oops, but here I guess it more means something in the line of "Hooray" or similar.
- "det nös jag på" - "I sneezed on that" is a really old Swedish saying that probably very few Swedish people understand anymore. It has to do with superstition and that something is true due to the fact that someone sneezed after it was said.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Mikael for contributing and translating this song!