"Cheki Morena" is a traditional Puerto Rican song. "Cheki" is thought to be a Spanish way of saying "shake it", the sound "cheki" coming from the English phrase.


*Merecumbé is a combination of the two words, "merengue" and "cumbia". "Merengue" is a type of music and dance from the Caribbean. "Cumbia" is an African word and a type of dance found in Colombia. Merecumbé is a type of Colombian music that combines the two styles of "merengue" and "cumbia". This musical style was created by Francisco "Pacho" Galán around the 1950's.

Game Instructions

Children form a circle and one goes in the middle. Everyone sings the song and dances on the 1st two verses. On the 3rd verse they follow any directions in the song (i.e. take a step forward, etc.) The kid in the middle closes his/her eyes and turns around in circles on the lines, "Y dando la vuelta, y dando la vuelta. ¿Quién se quedará?" On "Jue" s/he opens his/her eyes and whoever is pointed to goes to the center of the circle next (the kid in the center and the one pointed to switch places). Then the game starts all over again.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Amanda Figueroa for contributing the first verse of this song!