Sara said, "We learned this in Girl Guides. Each time you repeat the song, it gets faster. There are hand movements as well."

*I asked Sara what this means. She said, "It might be related to castle, it would fit into the tune."

Violet Asher wrote:

"I'm emailing about the hand motions for the River Nile song. It was always one of my favorite camp songs, though we did it slightly differently. Still, I think the motions would fit the version you have on your site. Here's how we do it:

In my castle on the river nile
(thigh slap x2 hand clap x2 fist thump*)
I'm gonna live in elegant style
(hand wave** one snap over each shoulder)

*the fist thump is one fist over the other, tapping twice, and then switch so that the top fist is on the bottom
**the hand wave is similar, waving one flat hand over the other twice and then switching.

Hope this helps!
Violet Asher"

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Sara for contributing this song. Thanks to Violet Asher for sending the hand motions.

Thank you!