"Children's counting-out rhyme that begins one potato, two potato [was] first recorded 1885 in Canada." -Online Entomology Dictionary


"One Potato, Two Potato" is played differently in Canada and the US.

Game Instructions

In Canada, the players take turns stacking their fists one on top of the other on each word of the rhyme. The one whose fist is on top at the end is the winner.



Many thanks to Lila for recording this for us!


2nd recording by Mama Lisa.

"This is how the game is played in Canada. Just like in this video. When we were kids we played this game just like this. The idea was to be the one who had 'more' - the one on top was the winner. We played it over & over." -Therese Siemers
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Therese Siemers for explaining how this is played in Canada!

Thank you very much!