Carlos wrote; "My father, Mr Roberto Casas is from Torreón in the state of Coahuila and my grandma used to sing it this way. It's like 'La Cucaracha' song, it has many versions."

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Monique wrote: "Looking for some deeper information about the French version of the song, I came across the book "Notes pour l'histoire de la chanson" by V. Lespy, Librairie de J.B. Dumoulin, Paris (1861). The author Lespy starts with an anecdote about this song, that it has an Arabic origin –both the lyrics and music. The Arabic version would sing about the feats of one Mambrou. It is believed that the soldiers of James I of Aragon and Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) probably brought the song back from the crusades in the 13th century. If you know some French you can read the whole story at the link above."

According to Wikipedia, Mambru is John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough.



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Sheet Music - Mambrú se fue a la guerra

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Many thanks to Carlos Arturo Casas Mendoza for contributing this song. Translation by Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci.

Image by Michel Seviers (1920), edited by Lisa Yannucci.

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