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A las estatuas de marfil,
Uno, dos y tres, así.
El que se mueve pierde así.

English Translation

To the ivory statues,
One, two and three like this,
Whoever moves loses like this.


A las estatuas de marfil
Uno, dos y tres, así,
El que se mueva baila un triz
Con su hermana la lombriz
Y su tío José Luís
Que le apesta el calcetín.

English Translation

To the ivory statues,
One, two and three, like this,
Whoever moves dances a triz
With his sister the earthworm
And his uncle Joseph-Lewis
Who has a smelly sock.

Game Instructions

The children stand on a circle holding hands and they rotate while singing. At the end of the song, they stop and stay still without moving. Whoever moves loses.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing and translating this song (with Mama Lisa).

¡Muchas gracias!