Nina Bobok is a variation of Nina Bobo. 'Nina bobok' means 'lullaby' or 'sleep'.


*or "Miss"


Ni-na bo-bok, Ni-na bo-bok.
Ka-lau ti-dak bo-bok di-gi-git nya-muk.
Ma-ri, no-na, Ni-na pu-as sa-ya.
Ka-lau ti-dak bo-bok di-gi-git nya-muk.


Willem G. Maassen wrote: "During the times that I lived in Indonesia we have learned a different song text. This does not mean that one lyric is better than the other: it's often a question of local custom. 'Bobo' or 'bobok' is children's language for 'to sleep'. In adult Indonesian language it is 'tidur'."

MF wrote, "This was turned into a pop song by Anneke Gronloh, and is my favourite by her."

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks also to Willem G. Maassen for contributing the other version of the song, to Monique Palomares for the midi music and to Harri Saptadi from Central Java Province in Indonesia for the sheet music.

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