The first English translation below was done to be singable to the tune. Below that, you'll find a literal translation...


Brian sent a more literal translation with a note:

Un elefante se balanceaba = One elephant balancing
Sobre la tela de una arana = Upon a web of a spider
Como veia que resistia = Seeing that it resisted (that is, resisted breaking because of his weight)
Fue a llamar a otro elefante = He went to call another elephant.

Dos elefantes....
Tres elefantes...
... and so on.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me this. I just heard that song in my Spanish II class at the local college and was trying to learn the words this weekend before class tomorrow, and your page was a huge help.

Brian Simon

Another choice for the translation of the third line is: "Seeing that it held". Thanks for writing Brian! -Mama Lisa



Many thanks to Brunilda for singing "Un elefante se balanceaba".


Many thanks to Susan Pomerantz for playing the tune to Un elefante se balanceaba, on the piano, in the 2nd mp3.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Un elefante se balanceaba

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Many thanks to Jason Pomerantz for his help translating this song.

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