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*Note about the word "zapatilla" and the 1st line of the song:

"Zapatilla" can refer any of the following footwear: slippers, canvas shoes, ballet slippers, sneakers or trainers. The 1st line is literally, "To the slipper from behind" - which doesn't make sense in English, so we simplified it and put it as, "The slipper behind you". In this circle game one player puts a slipper behind another player in the circle.

**Tris-trás - is a term used in Spanish songs. It has no exact translation in English. The sense is "quickly".

Game Instructions

All of the kids sit in a circle except for one kid who has a shoe or slipper in his hand. All of the kids in the circle close their eyes and sing the song. The kid with the shoe walks around the outside of the circle. He puts the shoe behind one of the other players. When the kids in the circle get to the end of the song they all look behind them. The kid with the shoe behind him gets up and chases the one who put it there around the circle. If he catches the kid before reaching his spot in the circle, then the kid who went around with the shoe first, has to go around with the shoe again. If not, the 2nd kid who was chasing the 1st one has to go around the circle with the shoe.


In some versions of this game the kids count to 10 before looking to see if the shoe is behind them.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - A la zapatilla por detrás

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique and Lisa. Thanks to Marisa Roche for the illustration!

¡Muchas gracias!