This is a children's "wedding game" for choosing a "bride" or "groom".

The children form a circle. One child is chosen to stand in the middle, while the kids in the circle go around and sing the song. On the 5th line the person in the middle chooses a "sweetheart" from the circle. Then they switch places and start all over again.


*May have originally been "Rosy, happy, merry and (or maiden) fair".
**Or in more modern times, "Lead her across the water".
***Or "a lady's", or "Mrs. ____'s".

Here' another version:

Rosy apple, lemon, or pear,
Bunch of roses she shall wear;
Gold and silver by her side,
I know who will be the bride.

Take her by her lily-white hand,
Lead her to the altar;
Give her kisses--one, two, three
Mother's runaway daughter.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique for the midi.