This song is in the Hessian dialect


Christine sent the following information:

Standard German lyrics

Heia heia wisch wisch wisch
Morgen backen wir Fisch Fisch Fisch
Übermorgen Gänsebraten
Wird die/der* (Name) eingeladen.

Heia = baby language for sleep
wisch wisch wisch= -no meaning; it has to rhyme with "Fisch"
morgen backen wir Fisch = tomorrow we shall bake Fisch Fisch Fisch
morgen = tomorrow
backen = to bake
wir = we
übermorgen = the day after tomorrow
Gänsebraten = goose roast
wird die Mary/der Peter eingeladen = Mary/Peter will be invited (by us)
eingeladen (Passiv of "einladen" = to invite)

Various version seem to exist…
Sometimes it is "Schweinebraten" = pork roast - instead of goose roast
You can also find "Eijen, beijen" instead of "Heia heia" and so on (as you'll see in the score)...

*"die" for a girl's name, "der" for a boy's.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Heia heia wisch wisch wisch

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Patricia Peters for contributing this song. Many thanks also to Christine von Kannen-Balgar for translating this song, for providing additional information and a score. Thanks to Monique Palomares for the midi.

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