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Mama zamanha gaya
Gaya baedeh shiwaya,
Gayba al'ab wa hagat
Gayba maha shanta
Fiha wezza wa bata
Bi ta'mel
Quack quack quack
quack quack

arfel wad el esmo adel
gah doctor waamloh eh?
Eh? Eh?
Laa regleh bao zayel fatal
Bas shewaya gowa eneh
Leh? Leh?
Rah nidiloh ho'na kbira
Aref edal el ho'na leh?
Leh? Leh?
Ma bieshrabsh el laban
el sobh we kol eshabo dehko aleh
ha ha ha!
W howa men yomha shereb w byekbar
Wetrabalo aadal fi ideh.


Wassim wrote:

Hi There,

I think it's great what you have on your website, with the whole lyrics + translation... helps me and my family a lot...

If you would like to use it, I found the original video posted on Youtube (and it doesn't seem likely that they will remove it anytime soon) : [The full Arabic version of the song can be found below the YouTube video at that link.]

All the best!

Wassim Kattan

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Afifé Siblini for contributing this song and to Roula Keyrouz for contributing the very end of it. Thanks to Sara Kadar for the Arabic text and to Wassim Kattan for the video link. Thanks to Melanie Magidow for the Arabic text.