Recipe for an Egyptian Fava Bean Meal

Hazel shared this recipe with us that her Egyptian husband taught her how to make a long time ago. Here’s her letter…

fava bean recipeHere is the "recipe".  It is not very specific because I have never written it down. 

Sephardic Jews will put up the fava beans on a Friday night before Sabbath and let it cook all night. Then they will have it as a meal after Saturday synagogue services.  That way they can have a hot meal without cooking on the Sabbath.

Warning:  After you eat this, you will want to take a nap – you won’t feel like doing anything!

Enjoy! Hazel

Recipe for Fava Bean Meal

1 can Fava Beans (≈15 oz.)
4 raw Eggs in the shell
Pita Bread
Sesame Tahini
Lemon Juice
Garlic Cloves, minced
Black Olives
Cucumber, peeled
fava beans1. Place fava beans in a pot, including the liquid in the can.  Add a little water if you are putting in the whole raw eggs (in the shell – not cracked open).  Cook at low heat for several hours. Half cover the pot.
2. Make tahini sauce: Mix tahini so it is of even consistency and spoon a small amount into a bowl (bowl should be less than half full).  Add water, lemon juice, salt, and garlic to taste. Making tahini sauce is not a science.  You need to add water to the tahini until it looks like the right color, and then add the other ingredients to taste (you have to keep tasting it).  Sometimes the tahini is thicker and you need more water, etc.
fava bean meal3. Serve meal: Peel eggs (the whites will have turned brown if you cooked them long enough – they will have a smoked tasted).  Mash a few tablespoons of the fava beans with one egg, also mashed, cut up black olives to taste, and salad veggies cut small (as an Israeli salad).  Spoon into heated pita bread.
Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us Hazel!
Bon appétit !
Mama Lisa

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