Haya wrote: "This is a children's song. It is very popular in Israel. Every child knows it and can often clunk it on the piano. There are 2 endings to it and I'll write and translate both."


Transliteration of the Hebrew:

Yonatan hakatan
Ratz baboker el hagan.
Hu tipes al haetz.
Efrokhim khipes.

Oy va'avoy lo, lashovav!
Khor gadol bmikhnasav!
Min haetz hitgalgel
veonsho kibel!

Ending 2: less violent

Transliterated Hebrew:

Hu tipes al haetz.
Efrokhim khipes.

He climbed on the tree.
He searched for baby birds.


Here's an alternate translation by Mashy:

Little Yonathan
Ran in the morning to day care
He climbed on the tree
Looking for baby chicks.

No, no, no to the
Big hole in his pants
He fell from the tree
And got his punishment.


In English, Yonatan translates as Jonathon.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - יונתן הקטן

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Haya Simkin for contributing and translating this song and to Mashy for the 2nd translation!