Dr. Srinivas Gummaraju, who sent me this song, writes, "Children often grew up in the same house as part of large joint families. Little kids would playfully taunt their cousins with songs like these - and invite a reply in kind!"

Midhun Kumar Allu wrote me in July 2004, "I have visited your webpage and found this song (Koti Baavaku Pellanta). This song is right but it is not Koti but KoThi.

The correct version with the right intonation is :

Kothi baavaku pellanta
Kondaa konaa vididhanta
Kukka nakkala vindhanta
Enugu vaddana cheyunanta
Elugu vintha choochunanta
Kodi, kokila, kaakamma
Kothi pelliki paata anta"



Rhyme's Audio by : Midhun Kumar Allu.
Many thanks to Midhun for singing this song!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dr. Gummaraju for contributing and translating this song and to Midhun Kumar Allu for providing information about the intonation.