Gian sent this rhyme with the note: "This rhyme is in Bergamask (a Lombard dialect). This rhyme (as a lot of Italian rhymes) is not sung as a true song, but as a 'cantilena', as we say (I don't know the English word to describe it; the rhyme is sung as a sort of 'mantra')."

It sounds like this rhyme should be chanted. -Mama Lisa


*Here named Celesta
**Here called Lucy
***In dialect didù, i.e. big finger


Standard Italian Translation
Tu Ditino

Tu Ditino (il mignolo) vai a comprare il vino,
tu Didà (l'anulare) vai a comprare il pane,
tu Celesta (il medio) prepara la minestra,
tu Lucia (l'indice) mettila sul fuoco
e tu Ditone (il pollice)... corri in prigione.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gian Carlo Macchi for contributing and translating this rhyme.

Grazie mille!