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Here's another version from Traditional Nursery Songs of England with Pictures by Eminent Modern Artists edited by Felix Summerly (1843):

Little Jenny Wren fell sick upon a time,
When in came Robin Redbreast and brought her sops and wine,
"Eat, Jenny, drink, Jenny, all shall be thine!"
"Thank you, Robin, kindly, you shall be mine."
Then Jenny Wren got better, and stood upon her feet,
And said to Robin Redbreast, "I love thee not a bit."
Then Robin he was angry, and flew upon a pole,
"Hoot upon thee! fie upon thee! ungrateful soul."


This rhyme and illustration can be found in The Real Mother Goose (1916), illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright.


In the recording below, Jenny Wren is given "sops of wine" instead of cake, and is told to "Eat well of the sop..." Sop is a piece of bread dipped in sauce.


Read by Betty B.