Here's an ending I found in The Home Book of Verse, Vol. 1 (of 4) edited by Burton Egbert Stevenson (1912):

Sneeze on a Sunday, your safety seek-
The devil will have you the whole of the week.

The Real Mother Goose (1916) has all the same words as above, except for the last line, which it has as:

"Sneeze on a Saturday, joy to-morrow."

Here's a version with the same sentiment, but different wording. It's from The Little Mother Goose (1912), illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith:

Sneeze on Monday, Sneeze for Danger

Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on Wednesday, receive a letter;
Sneeze on Thursday, something better;
Sneeze on Friday, expect sorrow;
Sneeze on Saturday, joy to-morrow.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

This proverb can be found in The Nursery Rhyme Book, edited by Andrew Lang and illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke (1897).