Gayle sent me this Italian nursery rhyme with the note, "My grandparents, who were from the Abruzzi region (a miniscule town called Pratola), used to sing me this lullaby whenever they babysat. My mom was surprised to find me singing it one morning! I've looked all over the web and can't find it anywhere, not even on the Italian filastruccha site. This is my mom's recollection, phonetically (the Italian below)… I don't know Italian very well, and I know it's in dialect so the grammar is probably all wrong :) but it roughly translates to (the English below)…"


This song is in the Abruzzese Dialect.

If anyone can help with the correct spelling of the Italian, please email me. We also welcome for you to let us know if you're familiar with this rhyme or one similar to it. Thanks! -Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gayle Hess for contributing and translating this nursery rhyme.

Grazie mille!